Google News now offers real time breaking coverage pages

Today when I checked out the Google News headlines as I do several times a day, I noticed a new feature.

Now, for each breaking story covered, there is a button called See realtime coverage. Clicking the button brings you to the latest news.

This is a cool development. As I've said for several years now the most significant development on the Web is the rise of real-time.

Social media are tools. Real-Time is a mindset.

Google realtime1

As I write this, a breaking business story this morning is about Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson and the inaccurate educational information found in his biography. Clicking over to the real-time coverage of this story shows what the latest mainstream media journalists and bloggers are saying. (Note that if you are reading this much after the breaking stories in early May 2012, you may not see any real-time news so I include screen shots in this post.)

If you're clever and you understand how journalists scramble to file breaking news stories quickly, you can insert your ideas into the mix.

I call this technique Newsjacking.

Think about this story for a moment. Who might newsjack it?

  • An expert in executive recruitment could blog their take on finding a new CEO.
  • An ethics professor could do a YouTube video with thoughts for CEOs about honesty.
  • An employment law expert could create a discussion document on the legal ramifications of this situation.
  • A securities analyst could give the stock price ramifications via an instant PDF report.

What ideas do you have? Get it out there now because now is the time. Journalists are looking for additional angles on this story right now.

The new Google News real-time feature is ideal for Newsjacking. Do what I do and check out Google News a few times a day to see what’s going down and consider how you can add to that discussion.

Google realtime2

David Meerman Scott

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