Great service as lead generation

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:57 AM on February 20, 2012

When you provide superior service, people talk about you online and that drives new business.

I caught up with my good friend Doug Weil recently. We used to work together in Tokyo in the 1990s. Like me, Doug moved back to the USA and now runs his own business.

ClearlyDoug's business, Clearly Resolved, provides video calibration services to customers throughout the Midwest. Video calibration is the art and science of adjusting high-end video displays (such as those used in home theaters and sports bars) so that the on-screen image matches original source content. When a video system is properly calibrated, the image looks just like in a movie theater or ballpark or concert stage. If not, the colors can be out of whack, sometimes dramatically, because factory settings are optimized for showroom floors and are typically way too harsh.

A proper professional calibration requires expertise, equipment, and several hours. Since starting his business in 2002, Doug has calibrated over 1,500 systems.

Lead Generation

I asked Doug about how he generates new business.

Turns out many people find him through the reviews that his happy customers post on video and home theater forums and blogs such as this one in AVS Forum (scroll down to read the review).

Because Doug provides superior service, his reviews are excellent, driving people to seek him out.

It seems so simple.

Provide excellent service and people will talk you up.

But there’s one more step. Make sure that your business is listed in appropriate places where people will look once they hear of the great work you do. For Doug, that means his listings in ISF Forum and other similar places. Note his Clearly Resolved listing and how he provides excellent content describing who he is, especially his bio description of how he was bitten by the video bug.

Are you providing great service? And when you do, are you making it easy for people to find you and providing the content that gets them to reach out to you?

David Meerman Scott

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