How would you react?

Posted by David Meerman Scott 06:46 AM on October 12, 2011

Power lawAs I've been talking about the ideas of Real-Time Marketing & PR, many people tell me they have difficulty identifying opportunities and threats.

Throughout the real-time online world of the web, I see the same patterns again and again as stories are driven by the Real-Time Marketing & PR Power Law.

You've got to react quickly.

News breaks in moments. Your opportunity is now. Not tomorrow. Now.

Could you recognize a snowballing situation in its early stages? Is your organization prepared to react with a real-time mindset?

How would you react if, right now . . . ?

  • Your company is cited as the best place to work by your local newspaper.
  • A customer raves about your customer service on an influential trade magazine web site.
  • A well-known industry analyst says on his blog that your company is too difficult to do business with.
  • A competitor announces they are lowering prices by 25 percent.
  • Your CEO is fired.
  • In forums and chat rooms, people said your product poses a health risk.
  • A huge company announces its intent to acquire your competitor.

Be they opportunities or threats, you may be confronted by scenarios like these when you least expect them.

If you understand how quickly events can unfold and are ready to react, you will gain significant competitive advantage.

The key is having the right mind-set.

David Meerman Scott

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