Real-time social media #fail by Massachusetts State Auditor candidate Mary Z. Connaughton

My friend Joe Chernov told me about his experience where a lawn sign advertising Massachusetts State Auditor candidate Mary Z. Connaughton dislodged from a truck delivering signs and crashed into his car as he was travelling on a highway. The sign impaled his bumper, causing damage that someone needs to pay for.

Chernov reached out to the candidate by email Twitter, and Facebook and included photos of his damaged car. But he got no response. And the Facebook message was deleted.

Joe blogged it. And I just wrote about it on Huffington Post in an piece titled Attention candidates: Facebook and Twitter are two-way communications requiring engagement, not advertising.

This is a great example of a real-time fail. Non-engagement and “no comment” don’t work in today’s networked world.

David Meerman Scott

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