Real-Time celebrity site JustSpotted to launch

Posted by David Meerman Scott 06:22 AM on October 19, 2010

Everywhere I look I'm seeing real time. It is affecting your business too. Are you noticing and engaged?

Justspotted For example, JustSpotted – the network for keeping tabs on celebrities whereabouts in real time – is scheduled to roll out today. Fans can use the service find out where their favorite star was last seen.


The site is not without controversy due to privacy concerns. In fact, it is unclear how data will be aggregated since Twitter appears to have denied the fledgling service access to its feed.

No matter how the JustSpotted startup fares, there is no doubt that real time engagement is affecting every business and is transforming marketing & PR in profound ways. It is transforming your business too. Especially if you are a marketer or a PR pro.

How are you engaging in real time?

My book Real-Time Marketing & PR releases November 1, 2010.

David Meerman Scott

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