Toby Bloomberg launches a business ebook written on Twitter

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:23 AM on May 18, 2010

Topby_logo Last summer Toby Bloomberg spoke with me and many other people and invited us to be a part of a new book genre.

She wondered if a real business book could be written using Twitter as the major content platform and distribution channel.

Today we can read the results.

Toby_smm_ebook Toby is in discussions with publishers to make it a "dead tree book" but for now Social Media Marketing GPS is a currently a free eBook. Download it now.

The book begins with an explanation of why include social media and moves on to cover ethics, tactics, research, metric, branding, sponsored conversations, blogger relations and more.

Additional content wraps around each of the 12 chapters creating a process for you to use to develop your social media marketing plan.

As Toby says:

  • Sometimes you just have to color outside the lines.
  • Sometimes you stumble.
  • Sometimes you soar.
  • Sometimes people wrapped in the status quo just don't get your ideas.
  • Sometimes you find people who believe in your vision.

Good for you Toby!

David Meerman Scott

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