Enjoying a brand called Brand while listening to a Ramones tribute band

Posted by David Meerman Scott 01:20 AM on February 06, 2010

Ramones So last night I made my way to Pakhuis Wilhelmina, a funky former warehouse turned live music venue in Amsterdam to see what turned out to be a surprisingly excellent Dutch Ramones tribute band. (Click the photo to enlarge.)

While the band was terrific, they only knew about ten songs and considering most Ramones tunes clock in at less than three minutes we heard each song twice. The crowd didn't care, getting more into it on the second go-round. (I think I heard Blitzkrieg Bop three times, but I can't be sure).

Menu So I look up to the chalkboard menu to see the brands of beer they serve. I see they helpfully say "brand" before listing Heineken and the others. Hmm… which beer shall I have?

Wait. Hang on.

I notice that most people are drinking Brand brand beer.

Okay, then.

Brand Naturally I order one and engage the bartender. The beer is very popular he says (I could see that already). He says Brand brand beer is now owned by Heineken, "like every other beer".

Actually, Brand beer is pretty darned tasty. So tasty in fact, that I quickly drain it and order another.

As I had arrived early - I had visions of the Ramones tribute band practicing counting off "one-two-three-four" really fast - I had time on my hands to think about a Brand called brand.

To be honest, I was cracking myself up. Really.

The rest of the crowd must have thought I was deranged as, alone, every few minutes I would laugh out loud. But then again, this is Amsterdam and really now, what's strange behavior in this town?

Anyway, I was reminded of my college friend Kelley MacDonald who married Les Kelley and is now named, well, Kelley Kelley.

All I could think of was the brand manager for Brand brand beer. What a job that must be!

I kept running through various Abbott and Costello “Who’s on first” scenes in my mind:


Colleague: "Hi, I'm an accounting manager!"

Her: "Hi, I'm a brand manager."

Colleague: "So am I, but what do you do?"


Her: "I'm looking for an agency to help me market Brand."

Agency boss: "What brand?"

Her: "Yes."


Attendee: "What do you do?"

Her: "I'm the Brand brand brand manager."

Attendee: "Too bad about the stutter."

Anyway you get the idea. It was a fun night.

Hey, if the Brand brand brand manager sees this, please say hello.

David Meerman Scott

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