Corporate comedy

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:14 AM on February 01, 2010

Corporate comedy is one of those phrases like "jumbo shrimp," "smart ass," and "party down in Omaha" that seems a bit off. (No offense to shrimps, asses, or those from Omaha).

Despite its rarity, comedy can be an extremely powerful corporate marketing tool.

My friend Tim Washer, who is head of social media productions for IBM worldwide, is a comic genius. He pushes his colleagues at IBM on the value of hysterical videos and is in charge of producing them. I sat down with Tim to talk comedy. Specifically I wanted to find out how a marketer goes about convincing the bosses to lose control and break out some corporate comedy.

Here's short a preview of our discussion. See below for a link to the entire show.

Watch Preview

Watch the entire show here.

Thank you to my friends at VisibleGains for producing this interview. The VisibleGains application lets marketers build lead generation into corporate video programming.

Disclosure: I am on the board of advisors of VisibleGains.

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