Christopher Barger on social media communications at GM


Several people who have been following my video interviews with Fritz Henderson, CEO of General Motors and Bob Lutz, GM vice chairman have asked me how I was able to score such high profile discussions.

Here's how: I wrote a critical blog post in June Attention GM: Here are the top 5 marketing ideas for your reinvention. The post received hundreds of tweets and more than 50 comments. Very quickly (within hours actually) I was engaged with the social media team at GM. They turned me around. I went from a critic to a supporter. I’ll let Christopher Barger, director, social media at General Motors tell the story from his perspective in this video.

The video is 6 minutes. Below are some times if you want to skip to a particular part of the video.

Filmed with my Flip video camera and edited on iMovie.
Direct link to the video here.

Favorite quote: “Part of humanizing the company is showing that you have a life.”

:00 – 1:30 On how GM monitors social media and how my negative blog post and tweets were found by the social media team at GM.

1:30 – 2:50 The organization of the social media team at GM

2:50 - 3:30 Of the many thousands of people talking about GM online, how does GM choose who to engage?

3:30 - 5:40 How Barger deals with 24x7 communications in an always-on world.

Tomorrow I will post the final GM video interview. I also discuss some of the new GM product lineup and thoughts for how to market cars like the Chevy Volt.

David Meerman Scott

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