Do you love your job?

Posted by David Meerman Scott 10:14 AM on August 14, 2009

In my travels around the world speaking with marketing and PR professionals, I find that there are many people who are working for a paycheck. These people typically fall into a category where they really don't have an emotional attachment to the product or service their company sells. I always feel sorry for them.

PowdrHowever, there are also many people who love their jobs. Typically those who really enjoy their work are eager to talk about their organization and its products and service and the enthusiasm is infectious.

This week I was in Park City Utah. I presented to a group of executives and marketers at Powdr Corporation, owners of Park City Mountain Resort, Killington, Pico, Mt. Bachelor and other resorts. Every single person I met loved what they do. Hey, if you are a skiing fanatic, what better place to be a marketer than a ski resort?

Park City
For example, Krista Parry's Twitter bio reads: Best job the world as director of social media / marketing / communications at Park City Mountain Resort. (Krista is on the right in the photo)

I also met Jennifer Clarke (on the left) who is in public relations at Utah Olympic Park. Can you imagine how cool it would be to work at the 2002 Winter Olympic venue for Bobsled, Skeleton, Luge, Nordic Ski Jumping, and Freestyle Skiing?

Jennifer arranged for me to fulfill a childhood dream and take a bobsled ride. I went on the Utah Olympic Park "Comet" bobsled ride with a trained pilot who drove me through 15 curves, reaching speeds up to 70 mph, and pulling close to 4 G's of force. Now I want to come back and do it in the winter.

direct link to video

Yes, like Jennifer and Kritsa, I also love my job.

Do you love your job? If not, can you find something that you will love?

David Meerman Scott

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