Answering the ultimate question: "How do I convince my boss of the ROI of new marketing?"

During my keynote presentation kicking off the Inbound Marketing Summit, Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO asked me "the ultimate question."

A version of this question is asked at almost every one of the 60 or so keynotes I deliver each year. Frequently it is the very first question asked.

The question is usually asked something like this: "At my company we measure sales leads and press clips. So how do I explain to my boss the value to giving up control of my marketing and engaging my customers via social media? How do I measure the ROI of 'new marketing' via social media and creating information of value to my buyers?"

Warning: My answer contains a cynical component as well as a practical component.

Thanks to Bob Collins for formatting this one question into a short video. Direct link to the video here.

David Meerman Scott

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