Malcolm Harris: A hot fashion designer bypassing media gatekeepers

I'm always fascinated when people use the Web to tell their stories directly. Sandra Mendoza-Daly let me know about how fashion designers "are not only using the Web to further brand themselves, but more importantly, to bypass the very closed off, defunct media and PR gatekeepers." Sandra runs Debutante Clothing. A vintage clothing store and blog where vintage, street and runway meet.

How cool. I'm not in the fashion biz (everything I know about how the industry works comes from The Devil Wears Prada). But what I hear is that the glossy magazines have traditionally been at the top of the heap in terms of dictating style.

No longer.


Sandra shares a link to an interview with designer Malcolm Harris of Mal Sirrah called Fashion 2.0: A cut, sew and blog above.

Harris is an amazing example of the New Rules of Marketing & PR at work promoting his Mal Sirrah brand directly to his buyers using YouTube videos, his Cut, Sew & Blog blog, and a MySpace page. Check these out. Malcom Harris does it right. He truly is "Changing the world, one dress at a time."

Sandra says: "Never in the history of fashion has it been so easy for a young, talented designer to get their name out there an build a following."

What about your business? Can you do what Malcom Harris has done?

David Meerman Scott

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