Steve Kayser proves B2B software companies can have a sense of humor

Most marketing and communications programs from business-to-business software and technology companies are dreadfully dry and painfully boring. I mean if some of these companies tried to smile at themselves, their screens would crack.

But guess what? Your buyers, no matter what sort of organization you work for, are people—real people with a sense of fun—not nameless, faceless, corporate drones. Sometimes a bit of the unusual and funny can work wonders.


Steve Kayser is a marketing executive at Cincom, one of the largest privately-held software companies in the world. He’s a master at online marketing and communications, having built the Cincom Expert Access e-zine from zero to 135,000 subscribers. Expert Access is written for senior-level corporate executives, IT and operations managers, and technology buyer committees. Cincom is a global company and Expert Access counts subscribers from dozens of countries.

Humor plays a large part.

Can you think of any other B2B software companies that have a spokes-donkey?


Or can you imagine another company in this market running a lead article in their online newsletter comparing General George Patton to Dog the Bounty Hunter? Steve Kayser does all of this and more and he proves that humor works in the B2B world.

Of course, it's not all fun and games. Cincom is a company that delivers value to its customers. Cincom has achieved 21 straight years of producing more than $100 million in revenue - the only private software company in the world to attain this lofty feat.


Steve proves humor can be used, even in B2B marketing. But it’s tricky to strike the right balance. And if you’ve never used humor before, you’ll need to start small. A spokes-chipmunk perhaps?

Disclosure: I am one of Cincom’s many outside "experts" and my writing occasionally appears in Cincom Expert Access.

David Meerman Scott

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