Real time case study: Iraq Study Report made searchable on just minutes after its release to the public

Here’s some very smart online marketing at work. Just minutes after its release to the public, Vivisimo, a provider of search software and expertise, has made the Iraq Study Group report fully searchable and free to the public.

This demo showcases the Vivisimo Velocity Search Engine. What a cool way to generate buzz and showcase the Vivisimo offering. Nice work guys!


The Vivisimo Velocity Search Engine crawled the PDF file of the final report issued by the Iraq Study Group and indexed it by paragraph rather than as a single document. By breaking the 142 page file into paragraphs, readers of the report can now search for specific aspects that are of interest to them instead of having to read through the entire document or perform a tedious keyword search within the document using the Acrobat application.

When a search query is entered, the search engine returns the relevant paragraphs in the search results. Additionally, the Velocity Clustering Engine is used to cluster the search results into related topic areas. The clusters allow the reader to easily browse related information and uncover relationships between topics within the report.

This demo was placed online by Vivísimo within minutes of the publication of the final report, showing the speed with which the Vivísimo Velocity Search Platform can be deployed.

David Meerman Scott

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