Technorati tags made easy with PRWeb press releases

PRWeb announced a new Technorati tagging widget. The tagging feature is part of the press release submission form, making it easy to create Technorati tags in press releases.

The whole idea of tagging, of course, is to make content (in this case press releases) easier for people to find. When a release is written from the perspective of buyers, has the right keywords and phrases, includes photos and other visual elements, and has Technorati and other social media tags, the release is a stand alone piece of web content that serves to move buyers into and through the sales process. And yes, it also serves journalists better because the release is easier to find and better written.

While it has been possible for users to create tags for some time, this feature makes it easier for the average user to take advantage of this important tag space. The PRWeb interface includes a Tag Suggestion utility that analyzes press release content to facilitate the automatic generation of effective tags that match press release content and keyword density.

Sometimes it might seem like I'm on the payroll of PRWeb with the support that I give the company in this blog and in my speeches and writing. I'm not. But I am a fan and a cheerleader because David McInnis and his team are true innovators. PRWeb now includes all of the components of the recently suggested SHIFT Communications’ social media press release template.

David Meerman Scott

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