If it's important enough to write a press release about, tell your clients and prospects too!

Many companies devote extensive resources to their PR and media relations programs. Often the outputs of these efforts are buried in a difficult to find news section of the company website. Consider re-writing your press releases into an easy-to-read paragraph or two and posting it on your home page. Or take the PR content and turn it into a section of your email newsletter for clients and prospects. Or establish RSS feeds to deliver your news to interested people.

One of the most cost-effective ways to help drive sales is to look for ways to leverage the programs you're already doing by re-purposing the content for other initiatives. Too often, organizations spend tons of money on, say, a PR program that targets a handful of journalists but they forget to communicate the same information to other constituents. Or a company's advertising program designed to generate new sales will drive people to a website that doesn't match the message of the ads, resulting in lost interest. Sadly, the failure to integrate sales, marketing and communications, both online and offline will always result in lost opportunities.

David Meerman Scott

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