Blogging made easy with TypePad

Posted by David Meerman Scott 01:52 PM on June 10, 2005

Many people have asked my "is it difficult to blog?" I find that I get this question most often from businesspeople who are considering blogging to support their business.

Well, the choice of what you blog about and the process of writing compelling posts is a personal one and "the difficulty factor" depends on your abilities. Keys to success are regular updates, an authentic voice and an interesting point of view.

Content aside, the technical process of blogging is simple. There are many good blogging tools available. I use TypePad for Web Ink Now. I love the intuitive interface. If you can use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint, you can easily learn TypePad.

For details on how TypePad works, check out my review of TypePad Pro in the June, 2005 issue of EContent Magazine. I'm sure other blogging services are also good, but I've only worked in TypePad.

So now there is no excuse not to start blogging (at least from the technical perspective). The process of blogging is easy. What are you waiting for?

David Meerman Scott

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