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Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:09 AM on March 16, 2005

Recently quite a few people have asked me about blogging and its specific value for businesses. Glad you asked! Blogs are a terrific way to get any organization to tell its story.

Here’s a fun example: Stonyfield Farm, a maker of natural and organic yogurt uses a blog called The Bovine Bugle to tell the story the cows of Stonyfield Farm. What a cool way to generate interest in your product or service. I’m sure any organization (even yours) has a great potential blog topic.

Blogs also allow you to take content in different directions that will appeal to specific target demographics without negatively impacting the strategy and content of your primary Web site. As a way to experiment, to test new ideas, or to reach narrow niche markets, smart marketers use highly focused blogs. If your experiment fails, you can simply shut down the blob with little or no negative effect on your main site.

The good news is that it’s really simple to set up a blog. I set up the basics of Web Ink Now in TypePad in just a few hours and I have no HTML or technical skills. The two things that took a little more time were the wonderful masthead at the top (I had it professionally designed) and mapping from TypePad to my own Web Ink Now URL.

David Meerman Scott

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