Should Corporate Board Members Blog?

Posted by David Meerman Scott 09:46 AM on January 13, 2005

I ran across a fascinating and well-researched analysis Why corporate boards should blog on IR Web Report. In the analysis, authors Dominic Jones and Pam Agnew argue, "we are convinced that the technology offers a highly attractive opportunity for forward-thinking directors and boards. It enables boards to get their message out, and at the same time provide
a forum for shareholders to offer informal input
to their elected board representatives."

I have no doubt that a well-done corporate board blog would contribute to making a company's stock more attractive to investors because of increased transparency and visibility into the often secretive musings of board members. Done right, such forward-thinking companies would likely cash in with content in the form of a higher stock price.

However, I wonder just how much useful information could really be conveyed by a board member. I would imagine that once the PR Bunnies and the Legal Eagles get their paws and their talons on the posts, that the content would be so watered down as to be mere drivel.

But then again, any early adopter companies that actually start a corporate board blog would likely generate enough buzz, media interest and viral effects around the efforts  to be a form of effective marketing with content inits own right.

Would some innovative board member please try?

David Meerman Scott

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