Stress Free Twitter: Be unrestricted, free, and meaningful

Posted by David Meerman Scott 09:01 AM on October 29, 2010

The great headline of this blog post is how you would translate the title of my wife's new book. Stress Free Twitter comes out this week in the Japanese language.

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The realities of online privacy vs living off the grid

Posted by David Meerman Scott 06:22 AM on October 28, 2010

When I talk about real-time, data-driven marketing and sales, people sometimes get uncomfortable. All this stuff sounds too much like "Big Brother is watching." People feel there is somehow a creepy, stalking quality to these ideas.

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Real-time social media #fail by Massachusetts State Auditor candidate Mary Z. Connaughton

My friend Joe Chernov told me about his experience where a lawn sign advertising Massachusetts State Auditor candidate Mary Z. Connaughton dislodged from a truck delivering signs and crashed into his car as he was travelling on a highway. The sign impaled his bumper, causing damage that someone needs to pay for.

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Rock stars get out the vote by making personal phone calls to fans

An interesting aspect of real time marketing & PR is how organizations work towards an event happening at a fixed, known time. Here in America, for example, we’re in the thick of the midterm elections happening on Tuesday November 2.

I like the approach of HeadCount, a nonpartisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy. A particular focus of HeadCount is getting young people interested in the process, registered to vote, and to the polls on election day.

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Real time, data driven marketing and sales

Posted by David Meerman Scott 05:16 AM on October 25, 2010

My first job was on a bond trading floor at a Wall Street investment bank. It's impossible to overstate the impact of innovations in computing and telecommunications on the financial markets in the 1980s.

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First Foursquare check in from space

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:50 AM on October 22, 2010

I'm a space geek. Here's my Apollo Artifacts blog to prove it. And I'm a Real-Time Media geek too. Wrote a book to prove that.

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Freaky creepy Twitter knows really does know who is similar to me

Posted by David Meerman Scott 07:02 AM on October 21, 2010

I've been using the new Twitter client for a few weeks. While I normally use Tweetdeck for every day Twitter activity on my notebook computer, I do go to the Twitter client to see people’s profiles.

Today on my Twitter profile I noticed a "Similar to You" feature on the right.

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Real-Time celebrity site JustSpotted to launch

Posted by David Meerman Scott 06:22 AM on October 19, 2010

Everywhere I look I'm seeing real time. It is affecting your business too. Are you noticing and engaged?

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A focus on buyer personas helps Attivio generate more valuable leads

Creating content for buyer personas is essential to good marketing. Rather than creating gobbledygook-laden drivel about products and services, creating information for your buyers makes it important for them. A buyer persona is distinct group potential customers, an archetypal person whom you want your marketing to reach.

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Made in the Shade with Oakley real-time Chile miner marketing coup

Posted by David Meerman Scott 05:01 AM on October 15, 2010

It has been estimated that more than a billion people worldwide witnessed part of the live broadcast of the 33 Chilean miners as they were rescued over the past two days.

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Harnessing the Here and Now

Posted by David Meerman Scott 05:37 AM on October 13, 2010

A huge company has announced that it is acquiring one of your competitors. The news hit the wires five minutes ago.

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Stop obsessing over video release forms

Posted by David Meerman Scott 05:38 AM on October 12, 2010

Many people obsess over getting legal release forms signed prior to posting a video interview online.

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Twitter misadventure at H&R Block

Posted by David Meerman Scott 11:55 AM on October 07, 2010

What happens when an employee goes rogue on a social networking site? It happened at H&R Block, a company actively communicating on social networks since 2007. The tax-preparation specialist has a Social-Media Policy in place and launched a social-media outreach team in the 2009 tax season.

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Radiohead and crowdsourced video

Posted by David Meerman Scott 07:49 AM on October 06, 2010

In August 2009 a group of over 80 Radiohead fans descended on the Výstavištĕ Holešovice Exhibition Hall in Prague on a mission to capture the band playing live using as many different video camera angles as possible.

Most used inexpensive Flip Video cameras and the 50 or so camera angles were edited into one seamless two-hour concert video.

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The Goth in development writes in the first person singular

Posted by David Meerman Scott 08:39 AM on October 04, 2010

When I get pushback from Corporate Communications teams about employees on blogs, forums, and social networks, it’s usually because the professional communicators are scared silly about hundreds or thousands of people in a company "speaking on behalf of the company."

The PR team imagines the Goth who works in software development who has 5,000 Twitter followers delivering "messages" on behalf of the company. Yikes!

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