Google does a funny: This site may harm your computer

Posted by David Meerman Scott 05:32 AM on January 31, 2009

This morning Google kinda went haywire and all the results for my search had a message "This site may harm your computer."

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How Lisa Genova used social media to turn a self-published book into a NY Times bestseller

Lisa Genova created one of the coolest World Wide Raves I've seen. She is the author of Still Alice, a novel about a young woman's descent into dementia due to early-onset Alzheimer's Disease. I met Lisa at Grub Street Writers in Boston where we both lamented the traditional conventions of book marketing and strategized on how we can market our books ourselves using social media.

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Fun with Sharpies

I love Sharpies. I carry one in my travel bag at all times because you never know when you might need one — like the time that I accidentally gouged the wooden desk leg in a hotel room. Applied a little black Sharpie and it was as good as new!

Other people dig Sharpies too, such as the guy who decorated his basement with a Sharpie or celebrities such as the Olsen Twins who use them to sign stuff or creative people like Mike Peyton, a "snake artist."

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smashLAB shows what to do when another company hijacks your name

Posted by David Meerman Scott 08:52 AM on January 24, 2009

Imagine that your successful company has been doing business for years with a name that people recognize and that you think is kinda cool. Then imagine a big corporation launches a television program that uses the exact same name as your company.

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Film producer builds pre-release buzz by making soundtrack available for free download

Readers of this blog know that a great way to build buzz and generate interest in products and services is to make select content available for free online. There's no doubt that free content sells. For example, my free ebook The New Rules of Viral Marketing has been downloaded over 330,000 times propelling my book The New Rules of Marketing & PR to bestseller status and helping to sell translation rights in 22 languages.

So it was with great interest that I had an opportunity to connect with Ryan Gielen, Executive Producer of The Graduates to learn about his strategy of making much the soundtrack of his new film available for free download. From this link, you can get a new song every week, or if you don’t want to wait, you can get the entire soundtrack for just 99 cents.

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Inclusive Language Ratio comparing first Obama presidential address with last from Bush

Posted by David Meerman Scott 10:21 AM on January 20, 2009

UPDATE January 20, 2009 at 7:30 pm

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CENTURY 21 moves TV ad spend to online: Bev Thorne, CMO, tell us why

Back in October, I posted several times about Real Estate giant CENTURY 21. Initially, Matt Gentile, Director Public Relations and Brand Communications for CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC challenged me to provide my Top 10 ideas for CENTURY 21 Real Estate to implement The New Rules of Marketing & PR. Then, I posted Attention CENTURY 21 Real Estate: Proof new marketing works because just two days after I sent my Top Ten post, Google has indexed that blog post as the number six result for the phrase CENTURY 21 Real Estate out of 1,780,000 hits.

CENTURY 21 has just announced a significant move, pulling its national television advertising in 2009 and investing those resources into online marketing.

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Download the free 2009 Bad Usability Calendar

My good friend Steve Johnson points us to the 2009 Bad Usability Calendar from NetLife Research.

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How an active Facebook group drove 15,000 people to the Singapore Tattoo Show

I speak at dozens of conferences a year all over the world. Since organizers usually book me many months in advance, I have some visibility into how they promote the events. It tends to be the same old methods: Send an email and a direct mail to everyone who attended last year, buy some email and postal mailing lists and send some more promotions. Most shows build good Web sites and most have decent SEO. But that's usually it.

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Lose Control of your Marketing! New free ebook

Posted by David Meerman Scott 05:40 AM on January 07, 2009

Lose Control of your Marketing! Why marketing ROI measures lead to failure

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When lawyers get in the way of PR

I received a press release via email a few days ago from a well-meaning PR person.

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US Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment

Posted by David Meerman Scott 07:48 AM on January 05, 2009

Several weeks ago in a blog post called The US Air Force: Armed with social media, I wrote about my interview with Capt. David Faggard, Chief of Emerging Technology at the Air Force Public Affairs Agency in the Pentagon. I spoke with Capt. Faggard about what he and his team are doing to get the word out about the Air Force online.

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Attention Twitter: You should be communicating better during what some are calling a crisis

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:00 PM on January 04, 2009

I'm a Twitter fan. My Twitter feed is an important way for me to communicate. And I've said many great things about Twitter at my keynotes, on this blog, and in my books.

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