Some Webinars I am participating in

Posted by David Meerman Scott 06:25 AM on June 27, 2007

Here are a few Webinars that I am participating in. I realize that there is short notice for some of these, but I'm told that all will be available on replay if you miss it live.

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The podcasting dentist: Successful Smiles!

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:44 AM on June 26, 2007

Many times when I am on the speaking circuit or cocktail party and the subject of The New Rules comes up, people say to me something like, "Well that stuff sounds good for others, but I am a ____________" (fill in the blank with Dentist, Lawyer, Product Manager, Real Estate Agent, Swim Coach, CFO, (basically anything)).

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Smart Marketers are statistically improbable according to

Amazon recently turned on Search Inside for The New Rules of Marketing & PR.

I finished the manuscript for the book way back in December 2006 (about a decade in Internet time). As an author, some of the things that get surfaced by Search Inside jolt me. Did I write that? It’s like running into an old girlfriend after many years.

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IBM blogging guidelines and the company's 3,000 employee bloggers

I really like the way that IBM has worked with its employee bloggers to advance the company's goals and corporate reputation as well the personal goals of the individual employee bloggers. Nice job, IBM.

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My 250th post

I've been writing this blog since late 2004 and this is my 250th post.

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Look Mom, I really did publish a book!

Here's the problem. My mother and her friends don't see my book in the local independent bookstore in my hometown. And if my book isn’t sitting there next to Harry Potter, does it really exist?

To make matters worse, I'm not on the Today Show or Oprah or Jon Stewart plugging my book (although if invited I'd happily appear). I've explained to Mom that this is a business book with a niche audience, but I sense some skepticism.

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How to convince your boss to let you start a corporate blog

Amazingly, I'm still hearing from many people that the geniuses who run their companies forbid employees to blog and prohibit posting in online chat rooms.

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Are the new rules for you?

I've just finished a whirlwind book promotion blitz that centered around the "birthday" of my book on June 4. Thanks to everyone who has blogged about The New Rules of Marketing & PR (more than 100 of you!). And many thanks to everyone who has purchased the book (more than 2,000 of you so far!).

I'm thrilled that the book reached number 66 overall on Amazon. It has been the top PR book on Amazon and in the top 5 marketing books since publication. Thank you for your support!

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How Mark Batterson used his Web site, blog, podcasts, video, and viral marketing to become a leader

Imagine that you want to start a new church. What do you do? Well, you look for a building, buy some stained glass and an organ, and hire a pastor, right? Not necessarily. In any marketplace (even church) it is always best to start by understanding market problems and buyer personas.

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Special book offer - through June 8 only!


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Thank you Robert Scoble!

I want to thank Robert Scoble for writing the terrific forward to The New Rules of Marketing & PR!

What makes his generosity especially remarkable is that I have never met Robert. The only real connection we share is that his book Naked Conversations was also published by Wiley. The foreword Robert wrote is just brilliant. It sets up what I write about in my book perfectly. Robert obviously took time to do this – for someone he only knows from a few emails and blog posts. Thank you Robert!

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Book Expo America launch gig

Posted by David Meerman Scott 05:20 AM on June 03, 2007

This weekend I was at Book Expo America at the Javits Center in New York to launch my book. If you haven't been to a BEA, imagine the largest tradeshow you’ve ever been to with hundreds of publishers showing off thousands of new books to tens of thousands of booksellers with millions of pounds of books given away. So many free books are thrust into your hands that attendees fill multiple boxes in an "attendee shipping area" the size of half a football field with UPS shipping directly to people’s homes & businesses.

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