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Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:15 AM on January 30, 2007

Yesterday I attended the SIIA Previews event in NYC. This is a forum for larger information companies and the VC community to have a chance to hear from a dozen or so new and interesting information and technology companies.

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Are MSM journalists one-way bloggers?

Posted by David Meerman Scott 12:32 PM on January 26, 2007

At the recent Social Media Club Boston meeting, John Cass asked a question of Ian Lamont, the Senior Online Projects Editor for Computerworld that I thought was interesting. My paraphrase of John’s question is "do the bloggers at Computerworld participate on the blogs of others outside of the Computerworld domain?" Ian proceeded to answer another question, which I assumed meant he didn't understand what John had asked so I clarified. Ian still didn't answer so perhaps he was ducking or really didn't get the essence of the question. But it doesn't matter because either explanation for the lack of an answer is telling about the Computerworld blogging strategy and/or guidelines. Tina Lang-Stuart also found this interchange surprising.

At the break, John and I spoke about it and we agreed that most journalists do not leave comments on independent blogs or trackback to them. But since the meeting several weeks ago, I have been stewing over this idea a lot.

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And you may ask yourself: "How did I get here?"

Recently, a bunch of people have asked me how and why I ventured out on my own. Several of these people have a habit of sneaking song lyrics into email subject lines to see if I notice, so as I was thinking of a title for this post, I followed the lead of Bradley and Len. Recognize it? (Read to the bottom if you don't).

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The New Rules of PR ebook: Revised and updated for 2007

The New Rules of PR – a new and updated edition of the ebook for 2007 with a forward and newsmaker tips by David McInnis, founder & CEO of PRWeb, a Vocus Company.

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The New Rules of Marketing and PR book cover

Big News. The cover for my newest book The New Rules of Marketing and PR is finalized and I really like it!

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PR Newswire Now Links Press Releases to Technorati

Readers of this blog know that I am a huge fan of news releases as a form of Web content. News releases are used by smart organizations to reach buyers directly. And when a news release is interesting, timely, intriguing, or titillating it can often prompt blog posts.

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Top Marketing Blogs in America

It's award and list season! At the turn of the year people and organizations publish "best of" lists and in my opinion, this is terrific as a PR and viral marketing tool. I admit that I do check these things out a lot. As thought leadership (if the lists are well presented) they do help brand a person or an organization as smart and worthy of doing business with.

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The Social Media Press Release Live at the Social Media Club

Yesterday was the second monthly meeting of the Social Media Club Boston. You could say it was the Todd and Todd show— Todd Van Hoosear of Topaz Partners hosted the event in his famously engaging style and the guest speaker was Todd Defren, Principal of Shift Communications. I had gotten to know Todd squared over the past few years, so was looking forward to the evening.

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Really Simple Marketing: The importance of RSS feeds in your online media room

Smart organizations are using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to easily update prospects, customers, investors, and the media, but too few organizations are using this really simple marketing technique for sharing valuable information.

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Web Ink Now a finalist for Best Media Blog in the 2007 SIIA Codie Awards

How cool. My Web Ink Now blog is a finalist in the SIIA Codie Awards for 2007 in the category of Best Media Blog.

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Marketing blog challenge

Posted by David Meerman Scott 04:20 AM on January 07, 2007

Early this morning, Sasha over at a new blog called Werebu (where business meets the web) set himself a very interesting Search Engine Optimization challenge. He has chosen a phrase to optimize on marketing blog and he’s chosen a blog to compare against -- mine!

I want to thank Sasha for the great analysis he did on my blog and the search engine optimization aspects of it. This is useful information for me.

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The new Microsoft home page a hide n' seek game - more than twenty clicks to get to the online media room!

This morning, I was poking around for ideas for my column in EContent Magazine. I decided to visit the Microsoft online media room so I went to Google and typed in "microsoft press." Entering a company name and the word "press" almost always works to get me to a company's press page in one click. I ended up with a bunch of hits for the Microsoft publishing business called "Microsoft Press." Back to Google and the search term "microsoft media" and a bunch of hits on "Microsoft Windows Media," so I gave up on using Google and just went to the Microsoft home page.

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