Why I Totally Hate Google Hangouts!

Posted by David Meerman Scott 07:57 AM on July 30, 2014

Google Hangouts on Air make me feel stupid.

HangoutI’ve agreed to do about 20 interviews via Google Hangouts on Air and every time I’ve tried to log onto one, there has been a problem.

My technology failure makes me look dim-witted I don’t like that feeling one bit.

In most cases, the problem is probably user error.

Yep, I freely admit my failure to log in quickly is likely due to ineptitude. But in my defense, I’ve been able to master a lot of technologies, so I’d like to think there’s something that’s not intuitive enough with Google Hangouts for a dummy like me to handle.

The promise of Google Hangouts on Air is exciting.

I like the idea of Hangouts and I agree to them because it seems so straightforward: Somebody invites me for a quick video interview and for free we hang for 15 minutes or so with a live audience. The resulting video is then uploaded to YouTube like this one: Read Science! Episode 23 : "Marketing the Moon" Edition. Simple, right?

Except that, for me at least, it is too difficult to log onto a Hangout.

I feel exactly like I did in fifth grade when I was always picked next to last for teams in gym class. I suck and it is embarrassing.

I was so late logging in when I spoke with Stephenie Rodriguez in Australia via Hangout that her live audience gave up waiting and left. Ugh.

My inability to log in has gotten so embarrassing that I now ask to do a Skype video call instead. It that’s not possible, I insist that the person interviewing me call me on the good old telephone 10 minutes early and help me log onto Google Hangouts. (How lame is that?)

But still, in today's world, technology shouldn't be so difficult, right?!

I’m not on Google Island 24x7.

The only explanation I can think of other than me having some sort of weird mental block with Hangout technology is that I do not live in Google full time like many people do.

Yes, I have a Google Plus at +David Meerman Scott. However, my primary email is not a Gmail account. So when I’m invited to a Google Hangout, the invite comes via my email, which is not in synch with my G+ so when I log in via G+ there is no invite.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

Am I the only idiot here? (Be honest).

David Meerman Scott

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