Re: Sleazy PR spam tactic

Re sleazyFor years, spam artists have used “RE” in their subject lines to try to trick people into opening the email because they think it is a reply to an email they sent. Many phishing attempts use this tactic.

Here are some examples of this unscrupulous practice I’ve received in the past few days:

Re: HomeDepot Replacement-Windows-Special

Re: AUTO-DEALS - Cars-Below Kelly-Blue Book Value

RE: Your-Energy Bill-was recently-lowered-by 80%

Re: Automobile Bonanza Sales

Now a sleazy PR & marketing spam tactic

Sadly, many public relations agencies and marketing firms are now using this deceitful method too. They send a pitch disguised as a reply to a message.

This is specifically designed by the sender to be confusing. Yes, in normal use “Re” does mean “in regards to”. However, at the beginning of an email subject line, the only correct use of "Re" is in reply to an email.

PR people -- Have you no shame?

Here are a few I’ve received in the past week or so:

Re: What's the "Secret Sauce" to Social Media Marketing?

RE: Story Idea: 5 Steps to Make Your Ad 'Go Viral'

RE: Interested in featuring 'The Value of Coupons in Digital Marketing' [Infographic]

RE: Hope you received my last email

RE: Mad Men vs. Mad Math: How Data (Not Dimensions) is the Future of Online Advertising (Web Ink Now)

Re: Update on social media content optimization survey

What do you think?

I'm sure I'm not the only person who deletes these things unread. What do you think? Am I overreacting here?

David Meerman Scott

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