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June 25, 2014


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Interesting especially in comparison to the Olympics (it will also be interesting to see how the Super Bowl compares to the World Cup Final, that may be a fairer comparison).

BTW, Canada may not be in the World Cup, but obviously Twitter is widespread there AND it has a huge chunk of the population that feels very connected to Italy, Portugal or other World Cup participants. So no surprise they are that high on the list.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Gerard, So who do you root for? Netherlands I assume. Yes, there are a lot of expats and those of the 1st or 2nd generation in the world. I didn't think of that in regards to Canada.


I like to root for the underdogs and for nice football. Unfortunately nice football doesn't win games, as England proved. I thought USA-Iran would have been a nice final, but helas.

Scott Johnston

Hi David, Just last week I was re-reading some chapters from your Real-Time Marketing & PR book. So, real time comms actions is really on my mind. I'm curious for your opinion on some of the brand action around Luis Suarez during his World Cup biting? What do you think of some of campaigns listed in this AdWeek story.... http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/big-brands-react-luis-suarez-s-world-cup-biting-incident-158549.

Scott Johnston

Sorry, the link to the AdWeek story I posted wasn't correct (I added a period by accident!). Here is the right one: http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/big-brands-react-luis-suarez-s-world-cup-biting-incident-158549

David Meerman Scott

Hi Scott, I also wrote a book called Newsjacking which is exactly this idea. I've had probably 50 people ping me on this example. I think it can work if your brand has something to do with what's happening. Cheers!

Jeff Robinson

"Last week I was in Canada". Needless to say, Canada is one heck of a big country.

The citizens of the Province of Manitoba and the city of Winnipeg would have greatly appreciated a mention...

David Meerman Scott

Jeff - You're right. I made that change. Thanks, David

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