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June 08, 2014


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Good post but it looks like TFIOS did plenty of traditional marketing and PR, too. At the end of the day they have a better product. I think as soon as we all realize that the best product wins, and that marketing is the amplifier, not the creator, we will all be better off.

Bradley Robb

While I think we all agree that engaging with fans is important, you’re making a pretty big leap when trying to compare these two, especially if opening weekend box-office is your metric of choice.

Did you control for differing audience size?
Compare with expected results based on recent box office results?
They’re both based on books, did you account for how faithfully they were adapted?
How about using sales of the source material to plot estimated awareness and interest?
How well do similar movies perform? Did either of these film significantly over/under perform against genre and release date?

Brandon Chesnutt

Thanks for compiling a great list of tactics regarding the movie's promotion. While I did give my money to Edge of Tomorrow this past weekend, I have to give credit to The Fault in Our Stars for crushing the box office.

I would also add that John Green also hosted an AMA on reddit that made it to the front page about a week before the film opened.

Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/26s7bj/iam_john_green_bestselling_author_of_the_fault_in/


David Meerman Scott

Tami - I didn't analyze TFIOS traditional marketing.

Bradley - I did none of those things. I simply looked at the two films based on what came into my field of vision over the past week. I saw the traditional PR from Cruise himself. And I saw the social efforts of Green himself. Then I compared box office. In no way would I say that post is scientific.

Brandon - Thanks for the AMA link!

Stan Dubin

John Green's Twitter bio was cool. I thought I'd throw in a comment that didn't find fault with DMS.


Data on this would back up this hypothesis

Miles Baltrusaitis

I also listened to Cruise on (a very entertaining episode of) The Nerdist Podcast with Chris Hardwick so he's also doing a fair amount of new school inbound style marketing as well.


David Meerman Scott

Miles - Cool. I didn't realize that Cruise was dipping into podcasts. That's great.

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