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May 05, 2014


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Mary McNeight

Maybe them not sharing without a gateway is a marketing ploy. It got you to write about it ;)

John Beveridge

How is charging for your books not a more impenetrable gate than asking for an e-mail address? I understand the premise behind your disdain for gated content, but doesn't it only apply to large, recognizable brands? I understand how the Grateful Dead made tons of money by letting people bootleg their concerts, but what about my friends in Tennessee Flying Goose? Should they give their music away for free? Where do you draw the line? Do you draw a line?

David Meerman Scott

Mary - Ha. An interesting theory but I doubt it.

John - Thanks for this. I always like when I am kept honest. Yes, I sell books. But I also give some away for free with no registration such as my book World Wide Rave which was originally a $22.95 book. It is now free on Kindle, Nook, iPad, and as a PDF http://www.worldwiderave.com

I think every organizations should be giving content away for free in order to spread the word. It doesn't mean everything has to be free. Tennessee Flying Goose could give away a live show download for example but sell albums and concert tickets and merchandise.

It is not an either or. Both work. Here is a riff on a hybrid model.

With this post, I wanted to point out the hypocrisy of ShareThis taking about the value of sharing content in a research report that they were not freely sharing. It just seems crazy to me!!

John Beveridge

David - much respect for a reasoned response to a challenge to your premise. Thanks.

David Meerman Scott

John - a good discussion. Thanks.

Gianfranco Filice

I loved the post. That's some really solid information to utilize for the future. As a teenager social entrepreneur, I'm starting the launch of a cause-marketing modeled business through a crowd funding website. The usage of "shares" is going to be a huge aspect as to whether my launch is success or not.

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