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April 26, 2014


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Jonathan Chiriboga

Great post David! I like the new Twitter design! With regards to your photos I like the one with the slide behind you. My Twiiter handle is @jonchiriboga and I recently changed my header photo to one of me speaking at a Marketing conference. I wonder if Twitter will ever do anything more with Vine. What do you think?

Jon DiPietro

I like the photo you chose for your profile. I think it's more compelling when you can see the audience behind you.


I haven't yet done anything with my new Twitter profile, primarily because of having to find a decent header - I was going to get one of my cats but that's probably not very professional :)

I do like the image of you in front of the purple screen - so much energy!

David Meerman Scott

Jonathan - You have a cool header photo. But I especially like you you have a bunch of Vine videos in your feed. The movement is interesting. I'm not sure what they are doing with Vine...

Thanks Jon and Priyachandra for your opinions.

Robert M. Donnelly

Anyone interested in developing a personal brand should get: Personal Brand Planning for life, available on Amazon.

Matt D'Rion


Thank you for this post. Succinct and high level. I currently have one of those "laundry list" bios. You are making me rethink my approach there!

You also bring up a great point about one's ability to advertise in the header image - but also how advertising there defeats the actual purpose of Twitter as a tool for you and for us all: to allow others to know, like and trust us by discovering who we are and what we do, and also to enable us to know, like and trust others.

I have gone back and forth between my personal URL or my company (which I own) URL on the twitter handle. If you have thoughts on this, or have had similar trials, I would love to know.

My twitter handle is @mattdrion

Joanne Tombrakos

As always - an informative and relevant post. I have made some changes - but continue to adjust. It does look more like FB - but with more control. I especially like the ability to pin a tweet to the top of the feed. @joannetombrakos

David Meerman Scott

Matt, Glad to hear that I made you think about options. I think the best URL is the one that people learn about you by going to.

Joanne, I'm still adjusting too!

John Bordeaux

Agree the picture with the audience is best - looks good. I'm at https://twitter.com/jbordeaux , thanks for the heads-up!

David Meerman Scott

Thank you John - I love that audience shot. It seems to be the winner among those who have let me know their preference. You have a very cool header too but much different than mine.


FWIW I would consider a shot of your books but shoot them spine out. Either horizontal (like on a bookshelf) or stacked vertical. If you do it in an arty way it would look really cool and yeah, it's an ad, but a cool one. The way you have it on this page I wouldn't use it -- too tacky. But spine out might look awesome. I like the speaking pics, but not sure you need two pics of you on the page. Something to consider.

David Meerman Scott

Tami - thanks for this idea. I appreciate it.

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