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April 08, 2014


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Bill Zahn


We're talking about an industry that charges for extra leg-room these days...I think they're working for the pennies, not us.

Hope you get your lime though!



As a creative now and having been an accountant at one point of my life, I am glad that I help businesses understand the value of a customer and not just look at expenses.

I see it in small businesses which annoy their clients to a point for miscellaneous things to save pennies on the dollar.

Love this example!

David Meerman Scott

Bill & Raul - It was a fun little example to write up. Thanks for jumping in.


Yeah, that is pretty bad. Keeping the customer happy should be number 1, I'm sure they could have found something else less customer related to reduce if they are so cheap that they need to save a few pennies.

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