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March 03, 2014


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Chris Holman

David...thank you! Insightful and incisive observations. As always. Many pundits have been quite critical of Ms. DeGeneres' hosting of the show, for various reasons. What I enjoy about this selfie is the quality of the smiles of almost every one of these stars (with one exception.) They seem to be genuinely happy to be in the spontaneity of the moment, and their smiles reflect this. The one exception is Kevin Spacey, who seems to be ironically proud of his "photobomb".

David Meerman Scott

Chris - Thanks! I think it is really cool. People will remember it long after they forget who won what. There are lessons to be learned by all marketers in this -- mainly that you shouldn't just rel;y on your pre-planned campaigns. It's a real-time world now.


Did you saw Leonardo’s face when he actually realized that he did not won,that was one priceless moment.

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