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March 20, 2014


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Stan Dubin

This is an exceptional article, David, and I just read your earlier one on "terrible healthcare customer service."

There really is an operating basis in the health care profession that makes healing and prevention a difficult proposition. Doctors too often dispense a little advice, tell us what medicine to take and then send us to the front desk to make an appointment for weeks or months into the future. It's worse in hospital settings.

What about between now and then? What if the medication doesn't seem to be working, or worse, is causing undesirable side effects? What should I avoid doing? What should I be eating? Any exercises recommended? How do I do them? For how long? Every day? Every other day? Got a video I can watch on this?

The list does go and on.

And the health care professional who tackles every one of these questions in various formats as Dr. Burgert has done above will have themselves an enormously successful practice. But more importantly, they will be dispensing LASTING health care.

Great friggin' article, David!

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Stan.

In my experience, the "discussions" going on in the healthcare industry and among politicians is misguided. I wish that everyone would agree on the fundamentals of good communication like Dr Natasha and Dr Kate are doing.

Stan Dubin

I agree, David. And good communication is not rocket science (or heart surgery). It's simply taking the viewpoint of the patient and providing what he needs not just when the patient is being seen but also between visits.

For some in the profession, I think they realize their patients need deeper understanding and haven't figured out how best to provide that. Unfortunately, the next patient is waiting, so they don't put the time into solving it. This blog post is certainly an aid in that direction.

You could almost call it short term medicine versus long term care.

And politicians? The vast majority of them are in the stratosphere when it comes to "misguided" along these lines.

I urge everyone who reads this post to share it in every way they can. Every health care professional who reads this is a step in the right direction.

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