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March 05, 2014


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David- The truth of the matter is that many of the ideas and approaches we’re successfully using and having a bit of fun with were developed after following your blog and reading your two outstanding books, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” and “Newsjacking”. So thank you for your guidance!

As you mentioned, readers from across the country have reached out to thank us for sharing ideas and resources found in the post about the tragic Rebecca Sedwick bulling case. Bullying is a huge problem right now, especially on social media, and many people and families experiencing bullying have no idea how to go about protecting their children.

Several years ago, one of our jury trial verdicts involved protecting a family who was bullied for years by their neighbors. I’m proud to say that on appeal, we helped make new California law because of the case. The suggestions in your book showed us how to reach out and tell people not to be afraid to stand up and take on the bullies in life.

The fact of the matter is that well established professionals have expertise and opinions that can help and bring solutions to so many people. Using the ideas and techniques shared in your resources and books, these professionals can now very easily expand their sphere of influence and help even more people. When it’s all said and done in life, isn’t that really what it’s all about?

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for showing us the way, Mitch. While my book may have sparked an idea or two, you are the pioneer. And yes, this can be fun!


On the other hand, the jackson & Wilson management and web developers should learn that modal pop-ups are greatly irritating to your readers (They have one that pops up when the page loads, and another that appears as you read down the page.) Stunts like that reduce the likelihood that a first time reader will become a repeat reader.

David Meerman Scott

Bob, I noticed that too. Hopefully Mitch will read this. David


Hi Bob- Appreciate the feedback and will follow-up on your concerns and available options. Always looking to improving the client experience. Thanks so much!

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