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March 17, 2014


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I call it Business Expressionism :) :) :)

Great post as usual.

Rodney Goldston

Hey man I dig your art! Thanks for this post. I've gone a little over a year now without a corporate paycheck. I did it once before from 2000 to 2004 and then went back to corporate America. Now I'm at it again.

One of the things I think that's important in producing art is to find other artist that inspire and motivate you. For me, I read this blog and Seth's regularly. In fact reading this post has already given me a great idea for another post on my blog.

Back in August of last year I wrote a short post on the subject of producing art...anyone interested can find it at http://rodneygoldston.com/make-better-art/

Dave...thanks for consistently showing up and I look forward to reading your new book.

Question: I'm interested in speaking and conducting training. What advice would you give?

David Meerman Scott

Kenny and Rodney - Thanks for sharing your art with us!

Rodney, What I did was start by giving away my talks and training for free both live and virtually. As I started to build an audience, I began to charge for the appearances.

Rodney Goldston

Dave - Thanks and I do plan on doing some free speaking and training. I did a few unpaid talks last year.

I've also been reading the Wealthy Speaker by Jane Atkinson. I'm planning to follow her road map. If any of your readers out there are looking for a good book on the subject I'd recommend her material.

I did receive $1,000 dollars last year to speak to a group of students. Turns out a an administrator from a local high school read one of my blog post on success and hired me to come speak at their high school.

David Meerman Scott

If you are looking for books on the art of speaking, I can highly recommend anything by Nick Morgan who is my personal speaker coach. I'm now reading "Talk like TED" by Carmine Gallo which is excellent.


I also quit my job with a big PR agency to go out on my own. One of the things I did was pursue a second career as an actor—that's opened up doors and perspectives that I never could have imagined. Everyone should pursue an art. Pick up a guitar or harmonica or a canvas and paint or take an improv class. It will get you thinking in new and surprising ways!

David Meerman Scott

Rob - me too! I had a nonspeaking role in American Hustle as an FBI agent. You?

Jim Edholm

David --

I'm a marketer. Actually, I sell Group benefits - life, dental, health, disability, etc to companies with up to about 150 employees. One of my gurus is Dan Kennedy, who's written or co-authored, I think, 14 books about marketing.

His entire premise can be paraphrased as "Be a freak." One of his favorite suggested approaches is to see what everyone else in your niche is doing and DO THE OPPOSITE. He often says that "the majority is ALWAYS wrong, especially when it comes to matters of money."

And he's right. I'm able to put together marketing (i.e. a print, not electronic, newsletter that is only about 40-60% about group insurance with the balance being about stuff that interests me - restaurants, the quirky stuff you get via email, even political stuff occasionally.

This is in a B2B environment where "everyone" says that you have to be deadly serious. I decided that deadly serious is deadly dull and went the opposite way. I now have a business that keeps me very comfortably and that - with a bit of luck - will almost double this year (making me MORE than comfortable) because another practitioner was attracted to me via my style and wants to sell me his block of business.

So yeah, be a freak by all means!!

David Meerman Scott

Jim! Awesome. Good to hear about your freakiness. I totally agree that most B2B is boring so good for you for making it not so. Many people forget that it is still people to people even if it is B2B.

Joanne Tombrakos


I love this post! You were one of the first people I started to follow when I left Corporate in 2008 to pursue my art and begin a journey that continues to surprise me. You inspired me then and you continue to inspire me. Thank you.

Rodney Goldston

This is a great conversation! Rob I agree...everyone should pursue an art or something they really love to do. I took up photography, and walking trough horticultural gardens. I've been wanting to act as well.

Dave...I've been planning to see American Hustle, and now I've got new motivation to do so.

I also think we should look for ways to give back to the world more than we take from it...what ever that means for each individual.


David - Another post and I'm sure the 4 guys you reference will be proud to be some small piece of your inspiration. I want to thank you for being the same for me. While we've never met, you are always quick to share a reply and your content has always been something that just speaks to me the way I listen/hear/see things. (Chris & Seth are similar in their response, openness and desire to make people think).

Maybe it's because we're both DeadHeads (you way more than me in terms of shows) but that whole concept of finding a riff and running with it and then giving it away for free resonates with me and many others. In a presentation I did today at the Ohio Association of Realtors, i shared stories about your book (Marketing Lessons...), Seth's talks and Chris Brogan's Sunday newsletter. I also referenced John Jantsch's The Referral Engine and Tom petty's great use of social to connect to his audience.

The cool thing about people you like saying they are weird is that must make me weird too...and that's okay.

Or does that make us normal and everyoen else are the weird ones?


David, I'll have to watch American Hustle again when it comes to demand -- very cool! I had a non-speaking part standing behind Nicolas Cage and Hope Davis in The Weatherman, but mostly I do commercials and print work, including several national spots and campaigns.

Rodney, no doubt visual arts like photography and painting allow you to see the world in a whole new way!

David Meerman Scott

Joanne! Here's to a fellow artist. Keep up the great work.

Sean - thanks for referencing my stuff in your talks. I appreciate it. Keep being weird - it will get you far.

Rob and Rodney - If you blink you miss me. I'm in the FBI office in the background a few scenes. Longest one is when Amy Adams & Bradley Cooper are walking down a hallway. It's fun, isn't it Rob!



Will be ordering the Hard Cover of your book as soon as I finish my list of next three books in two or three weeks.

I think we need many more affirmations that the misfit route is one that is less taken and although it can be scary, less comfortable it surely is more rewarding that working for a Big 4 Accounting Firm dealing with Financial Services clients.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Raul. I appreciate it. We all have our own levels of comfort, but to me it is more scary to be at a big firm that can fire you at any moment.

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