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February 09, 2014


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Tony Faustino

Wise advice David. Taking a risk versus taking the path of least resistance leads to a higher likelihood of differentiation in our careers, our marketing, and our lives. Your post is so timely (almost karma-like) because I've been re-studying Seth Godin's Linchpin (maybe for the 3rd or 4th time).

From page 196, "More Cowbell." Thank you for reinforcing to me and all Web Ink Now community members that we all need "more cowbell!"

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Tony. I come back to Seth from time to time as well and I try to remind myself of these things on a regular basis.

Matt Champagne

Hi David - great post and very timely. Just this weekend was trying to put into words how to answer a disgruntled bandmate who says our setlist has "too many songs not heard on the radio" and he wants to play dance music that people recognize. Your column gave me some ammo to better explain what I know to be true: people recognize our enthusiasm for playing what we love (even if obscure tunes) and that's why they like our band. If we play what everyone else does we may get more one-time gigs but who will remember us enough to give us a second gig? Thanks for your assist!

David Meerman Scott

Hi Matt. Glad that I sparked something. Thanks for letting me know. David


"But bigger things can come from doing the unusual and unexpected" - absolutely true. More you act, more get in return. Anyway, choosing a default way is so boring! You don't gain any personal growth, any pro experience. It's so useless to my mind.

Thanks for inspiring words!


Great article, made me think about so much things i want to do.

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