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February 11, 2014


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Mack Collier

Congratulations David! This sounds like a very interesting book, can't wait to read it!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Mack. I appreciate your (real-time) interest.


Congratulations David! Very interesting. Sure will read it. (from Brazil)

Jennifer Kelly

Just pre-ordered. Looking forward to it. For your Canadian readers, Amazon.ca has it ready for pre-order too.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Vince and Jennifer! It will take a little longer to reach you. Probably early March. Hope you enjoy!

Dan Schawbel

I really like how you've blended your hobbies with your profession with this book and the Grateful Dead book. Nice work, as usual!

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Dan. And I even managed to get a few Grateful Dead references into Marketing the Moon!

Ann Handley

Congrats, David! I've already been digging into it - it's just fantastic! (As if we'd expect anything less....)

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Ann. It is a good team - Rich, Scott, Gene, MIT Press.

Larry Waight

Sounds like a great book David! I am looking forward to reading it.

Melissa Mines

David, I've been eager for this book to surface for quite some time. I can't wait to read it. Am looking forward to not only the history lesson, but, also the carry-forward lessons around PR and Marketing.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Larry!

Melissa - it's all in there. And there's also a lot of references to large technology companies of the day -- Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, etc. and how they did marketing.

Jim Kukral

Congrats! Looks like another great book. Can't wait to read it.

Joe Pulizzi

David...simply fantastic. An amazing concept. Looking forward to digging into the book.

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Jim.

Joe - As you've said before, content marketing didn't start with the web. I'm eager to hear what you think about the book.


Can't wait to read this David - and it's on pre-order.
I too grew up on Apollo, consuming their PR output via the BBC in the UK. And I too have a collection of their publicity material from the 1970s - in those days, you sent them a letter, and 6 months later they sent back an envelope of cool stuff! Looking back on that material and era now as a PR professional, it's fascinating to see how it was done then, and indeed experiencing their public service commitment to keeping us all informed (something that continues to this day).
Good luck with the film/TV rights.
Congratulations once again!

Kathy Greenler Sexton

David, Very Cool!! This book is "so you" and I can't wait to see it! Congrats!!!

David Meerman Scott

Thanks, Kathy!

Alan, I have some of those packets as well. They are so interesting!! Thanks for your interest.

Valerie Nixon

I'm looking forward to reading this, David. My father worked for NASA PR at the Cape during this time. Quite an iconic phase in history.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Valerie, Hope you like the book! Is your father still alive? Did he work in marketing or PR by any chance?


Hi David -

Very cool and about the only place colder then Antarctica.

This is one of my favorite areas of history. I spend many years working for Rockwell Space Systems Group marketing the Space Shuttle. Apollo culture and accomplishment was a major bonus.

Very much looking forward to the book which sounds terrific! I have already pre-ordered.



Can't wait to read. Being a History fanatic and so involved in marketing makes it even more appealing to me. Best of Luck!

Kelly Monaghan

Sweet! You now have three titles in the Amazon Public Relations best seller list. Glad to have helped put you there.

David Meerman Scott

Raul - marketing history can be so instructive, especially in a world where we think there is so much that is "new". Hope you enjoy.

Kelly - Thanks for noticing that. Gotta love real-time Amazon reporting.

Richard Jurek

Thank you all for your kind comments -- and I hope you all enjoy the book once you get it as much as David and I enjoyed researching and writing it. It was, all pun intended, an absolute blast! Your great feedback makes it all worth while, too. Thanks again! Rich

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