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February 06, 2014


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I don't get it... Are you re-posting an image to Instagram that is already there (meaning that after following your steps there will be two identical images on you full feed?
Are you saving an old Instagram image to your iPhone and sending it via iPhoto shared galleries?
The later would be fine in my book.
Could you not just browse to the original photo and, instead of saving to camera roll, copy the link to send out?
Also you could use a tool like IFTTT (iPhone app) to auto backup all your Instagram images to a Dropbox [or Evernote] account and then using the Dropbox [or Evernote] app, re-share at a later date.
Hope this helps.

Warren Whitlock

Loved this post. I'm going to take a photo of it and put it on Instagram

Krishna De

David - thanks for sharing your process. I add images to a file on Dropbox to access on my iPhone or Android phone, save them to my camera roll and then can edit if required with one of the apps I have on my smartphone.

David Meerman Scott

Justin - This process is to post a photo that is not yet on Instagram or your iPhone (a 20 year old photo from university days for example). It is a technique to take an old photo and bring it into Instagram. As I said in my post, there might be other ways to do this but this works for me, Your process via IFTTT won't work for what I want to accomplish because this is not about re-posting Instagram pics.

Krishna - Thanks! Yours is the same idea in that you save it to your camera roll like I do.

Alex Smith

technique looks great.. thnx for sharing. IFTTT didnt worked well for me in past


Oh wow!

I didn't even think about this "reposting" feature...thought all images are not "returnable". Though, I''ll definitely should try this technique.

Thanks a lot!

Charles H. Green

I have always found photo management complex, and this makes it more confusing to me.

In your Step 3, when you say, "go to the Photo app on your iPhone, find “albums” and choose “last import," first of all I'm not clear what you mean by 'Photo app.' On my iPhone I have "iPhoto," and I have "Photos." I do not have 'Photo.'

Worse, neither 'iPhoto' nor 'Photos' have 'last import' listed under the 'albums' choices.

Given this confusion, I can't get past step 3. What am I missing?

David Meerman Scott

Charles, It is "Photos" that you need to look for. Have you imported photos yet? If so they should appear. If you're still having trouble, you may need to go to an Apple store and visit the genius bar. David

Charles H. Green


As I said in my note, I do indeed have "Photos," it's one of the two (actually a dozen) photo-related apps or folders I have. Photos also has 11 albums in it, most of which I have created myself. It does not, however, have an album called "last import," which is what your instructions tell me to look for. (I do have about 2000 photos in "Photos," 1600 of which are in the album Camera Roll, so it's not an unpopulated concept).

This has got to be easier than requiring a trip to the Apple store (not that I mind a good excuse to visit the Apple store, always fun).

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