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February 25, 2014


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I have been using the Over App for quite some time on and off on the iPhone and they have a set of bundles for sort of stickers to add to their photos. Maybe this is another line or area they can move forward with since they already allow you to add text and images on photos in the same iOs app.

I had not seen the potential of adding virtual stickers. When I was a teenager I use to work as a volunteer for the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee and the Puerto Rico Volleyball Federation. I use to serve as a guide and translate for the teams that were visiting the Island.

One thing I remember people where obsessed with where the pins of other sporting events. I remember in 1993 I got a gift from a Bahamas delegate who had gone to the Seoul 1988 games. I still have that pin around somewhere.

Maybe these are the digital version of these pins. I wonder if you could also collect a few and give them to people when you come back :)

David Meerman Scott

Raul, I was thinking the same thing about "collecting" stickers. For example, I'd imagine someone wanting to visit all the major league baseball parks.


The stickers are so funny ,I'll try the app mysefl!


That's a good alternative for Instagram. Though it's not popular yet...but it seems very cool. Plus, this "stickers" idea is definitely going to refresh the way images used to look.

Ryan Law

I love watching new content and media ideas unfurl - but I'm not convinced by stickers as content marketing. They don't add any extra value to a consumer (who's really going to visit places to collect arbitrary clipart to layer over their photos?) - they just serve as an extra way to brand photos with an ugly corporate watermark!

Stickering needs to be combined with some extra incentives - rewards, discounts, anything to add real value to the experience!

David Meerman Scott

Ryan, It will be interesting to see where it goes. Foursquare is an interesting parallel - it has gotten very corporate with all the "specials" that appear now. But to me that doesn't diminish the experience.

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