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January 23, 2014


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Stephen Denny

David: another person to check in with via Facebook/Twitter/etc is Michael Yon - he's very much worth following. You probably walked past him!

David Meerman Scott

Will do Stephen.


Great post David. Kop Khun Kraup. :) Hope the rest of the trip is smooth and enjoyable for you.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks Anne. It has been a great adventure.

Kevin McCormick

David, this is fascinating to me, as I have never traveled to another country off the North American continent (yet). My question to you: Is this a business for this gentleman? Are the news organizations his clients, or is he giving away all of this without cost? How does he make his living? I'm just curious, as he seems to be able to produce valuable, helpful information for folks who really need it. Seems like a perfect business, but your post didn't really indicate whether it was a business or not.

Either way, I love your posts and your philosophy towards marketing & content. Keep up the great work!

David Meerman Scott

Hi Kevin. I love travel. I am in Laos now - the 99th country or territory I have been to.

Richard specializes in Thailand travel and makes his money from advertising and sponsorship. So the better known he is in that area of expertise the more money he makes.


I went to BKK last weekend and relied heavily on Richard's twitter feed. Excellent.

David Meerman Scott

Justin - It was really helpful wasn't it?!


David, your story sounds like an inspiration to visit all the "hot" and trending places on Earth. The "hotter" place is, more chances you have to get right in the center of happening events. Actually it does sound like a valid and win-win strategy.

Awesome lesson, thanks a lot!

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Serge. While it is true that going to a "hot place" can result in newsjacking fodder, for many outfits, it might be their own hometown (for local businesses) or their industry (for B2B companies). So look close to home too.

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