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January 30, 2014


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Gilbert Pacheco

Big Data Micro Targeting is the trend for "drone precision" digital marketing. Inter-racial marketing has been over-looked if not ignored in past decades as the focus has predominantly been main stream America. As our American society has become increasingly racially mixed, marketers have taken notice of both this demographic characteristic and the opportunity to apply sophisticated Big Data Micro Targeting at the expense of the privacy of social media consumers who surrender their privacy when clicking "I agree to the terms" of apps that access our data used for micro marketing of consumer segments that have been ignored in the past.

Alexandra Nicola (@lexxy_squirrly)

I do agree marketers don't usually take that into consideration. But I guess that's because it's harder. Knowing people are multiracial doesn't actually give you that much information to go on. The president is multiracial and so is your daughter but is there something that connects cause of this , from a marketing point of view ?

David Meerman Scott

Gilbert - Yes, we give up privacy when we choose to go social. It is a tradeoff.

Alexandra - Of course, everybody is multi-dimensional and identify by many dozens of characteristics. But the idea that American are not just five races is new to marketers.


I often wonder about why we still look at people with regards their race rather then who they are. At the end of the day there is only one race, the human race. What colour your skin is is not important.

We in the UK get these surveys about racial background, I usually do not fill them in. The reason being I do not seeing this as anything other then box ticking with little of real value.

Tom Borgman

I would guess you're right about FB's ability to target that to you David…if anyone is leading the way on that, it's them. And speaking of leading the way, no matter how tiny it is in the Modern Marketing Morass, it's nice to see Cheerios bring back the Gracie ad for the Super Bowl.

David Meerman Scott

Peter - I agree with you. I lived in Asia for ten years so I have been a "minority" - nothing is gained by labeling people.

Tom - I just saw the Gracie ad. Nice! Thanks for sharing that.

Michele Steele

I think we will start seeing more advertisement that focuses on interracial couples/families. In the 2010 US census, they found an increase of 28% in the past decade of of interracial couples. I believe I seen somewhere that it's something like 1 in 12 newborns are to interracial couples in the US. With this becoming more of the norm, we will see additional advertisement like this.

Bob's Juice

I think that a very big part of the people that click the “I agree to the terms” button of apps,don’t really realize
what impact has this in their lifes.

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