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December 25, 2013


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It’s weird and has been a topic I have spoken to many about on how irrelevant these ads are.
To make a list of things I received that were completely lazy:
1. A contact in the hospitality industry sent an email listing all the VIP’s of that organization where it was visible. Even worst it had a generic template saying Merry Christmas.

2. Yesterday a Tax preparer was spamming people on facebook with the line. You have spent a ton on Christmas now its time to get your refund for your taxes. Even worst that the person was spamming small business owners who don’t necessarily get a refund during tax season. What a better time to remind people of their taxes than on christmas day.

The list goes on and on but seeing something like the West Jet Video really brings a smile to my face. Heck this post might have inspired a post. Happy Holidays David.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Raul, I know - it's just crazy. People think they can spam their list just because it is the holidays. Well, with that being said, all the best for a terrific 2014.

Kevin Cheng

I think the WestJet Christmas Miracle worked so well and powerfully because (1) we humans are emotional creatures at our core, no matter how we often try to downplay that, and (2) this company showed simply but powerfully that it CARES about its customers - REALLY CARES. Its action on that day left no doubt of that. That's why customers/passengers cried tears of joy. Most of them have probably NEVER been treated that thoughtfully and kindly by any company. The fact that WestJet pulled this off as a complete surprise to their customers also helped. A business that takes action and goes out of its way to show that it cares about its customers will win their undying loyalty.

David Meerman Scott

Thanks for jumping in, Kevin. Yes I agree with you. And the other aspect is that the video is so unusual - you kind of know what's coming but you need to watch to see exactly how the story plays out.


Thanks for sharing this! Holiday advertising is a great opportunity to add a touch of human relationship to your campaigns and everyone should take advantage.


This video is really awesome and inspirational! Moreover, it doesn't look like all those boring greetings you were writing about. And this is the point. Customer must not put some strengths to get and understand the greeting, customer should relax and take pleasure instead.
Thank you very much for sharing!


I loved the West Jet idea, it was a great marketing tool and it genuinely made some of their customers happy and in many cases probably made them lifetime customers


It definitely touched me. I've never even heard of West Jet, but they already made a good impression on me.

David Meerman Scott

Juniel - I agree. I've never needed to fly any of the places WestJet serves, but I would defiantly choose them now that they have entertained me.

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