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December 04, 2013


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Ahmed Danina

Good article David,well done.


Great post! You bring up some good ideas about being conscious of who you're talking to on social media and what message you're trying to project.


Nice story!
Sometimes it's good to hear something from Middle East and share their marketing tradition and experience, because you rarely get to know details.
Thank you, David!

Lisa Chaves

Though Middle East has been holding back and tight when it comes to engaging their people in social media worlds because it is against their beliefs and practices, I still laud these leaders for giving their people chance to experience it.

John MN

Thanks for informative share! I think we have learn some tips to do Middle East marketing solution. Keep up your work, David!


Great post David,

Interesting to hear from the Middle East version of @chrisbrogan.
Are they embracing inbound marketing in the Middle East as well for smaller companies?


A very interesting piece to read. I focus on mostly on SMBs in the US but the differences in regions here is immense, the cultural differences abroad make for various forms of marketing (social media in particular) to be similar but at the same time completely different. Thanks for the post.


Great article, David! It’s fascinating to read about how different countries are using social media for marketing. As a freelance coder, I am interested in knowing how people are accessing social media. Here in the U.S., it is often through mobile devices. Are people in the Middle East also relying on their mobile devices to access Twitter? Is mobile app development, especially iPhone application development, on the same par in the Middle East, as it is in the U.S.?

David Meerman Scott

Thanks all for these comments. Here in the U.S. we mainly get bad news or no news when it comes to the Middle East. Having been there a number of times now, I'm happy to provide some alternative information about what's happening there. It is a vibrant part of the world for sure!

Stuart - Definitely there is a movement in the Middle East to use content marketing and social media as marketing.

Elijah - Mobile is very prevalent. Actually I think the U.S. is one of the most behind countries when it comes to mobile!

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