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December 02, 2013


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Miodrag Jokic

Very motivating talk. I love examples in your talk, especially the one about your daughter. This is nice example of "practise what you preach".


Nice speech. very motivating

David Meerman Scott

Miodrag Jokic & Toscana - Many thanks!

Tony Faustino

David, the five (5)stories about using inbound marketing to land a job are so creative (especially Allison's story -- Pre-Med Columbia University -- WOW!). I'm a dad with 2 young daughters so I totally related to the pride in your face when you described her significant achievement.

This video is really important (and I want others to invest time in watching it). Here are the time stamps for the five (5) inbound job search success stories:

5:56 - 6:46: Dan Lyons gets hired by HubSpot via his content from The Fake Steve Jobs Website

6:47 - 7:44: Eric targets Vreeland and gets hired via his creative 3-pronged YouTube video approach describing why he deserves an interview, why he's a great fit, and thanking Vreeland for interviewing him

7:45 - 8:28 Lindsey Kirchoff gets hired via her content marketing blog on marketing to millennials (I think your original blog post on Lindsey was updated to say she's now working at HubSpot on the content marketing team)

8:29 - 8:50 Sam gets hired by HubSpot by targeting them and inviting key members to participate in his webinar on "why HubSpot should hire Sam"

10:50 - 13:54 Allison Meerman Scott starts a personal blog on her passion in neuroscience. Allison submits a link to her blog with her Columbia University undergraduate application. Allison is accepted and the Head of Admissions writes a personal note to Allison (with her acceptance letter) saying the Admissions Committee loved reading her blog. Looked like Allison differentiated herself from the other stellar applicants by being #REMARKABLE.

Thank you David. This presentation is pure gold.

We Are What We Publish.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Tony, Wow - thanks for doing the timestamps on the stories. I hadn't thought of that. By the time your daughters are ready to apply to schools, I'm sure there will be other techniques. But for now, this one is still unique.


Great speech David, I'm trying very hard to convince my BA and MSc students to start creating content online, from simple tweets to blog posts, but I don't think it's fear that keeps them to do so, but rather the amount of work it can take to manage your social reputation. Just look at me, I haven't published anything either (I love Games of Thrones...).

But I fully agree with you, this is the future of job search and there are so many examples today of people finding jobs thanks to what they online. I like the original idea of Kick Jannic who created a Kickstarter page to promote himself.

Thank you David for all the great insights.

Jack Derby

David, as usual, a great post to provoke people to change. The underlying problem here is the archaic resume. I see it in my students at MIT and at Tufts all of the time. Of all people, these very bright kids live in an inbound world. They pride themselves on their abilities to connect on multiple channels and networks, and yet, when it comes to looking for a job, they retreat to dull, bland, resumes that have been pushed on them by Career Services as the primary tool to use in their job search. And then it gets worse since they focus on job fairs and corporate types showing up on campus-again the fault of Career Services.

Tom Borgman

David, fab talk and you crystallized what I've been living through, or have observed, in spades the past few years. Thank you for perhaps the final motivation for me to finish my content strategy and implementation. My Wordpress site has been gathering cobwebs - time to clean them out! Hope that my next comment to you, where it provides an option for a website url, I'll be able to include one! Cheers.


This is highly relevant to where I am in my own career path right now. It kick-started a new blog post for yesterday. http://wp.me/p2aKx3-2C Thanks for the inspiration!

David Meerman Scott

Chris & Jack - Thank you for working with students on this. Jack, I agree that the inane career development offices staffed with old school idiots are to blame. The take bright millennials and try to make them look like 1950s white shirt IBMers.

Even if the traditional resume is required, of course the majority of employers will Google the student's name together with the school. What comes up? That determines who gets the interview and the job.

Tom and Hzhealy - Glad it was helpful.

Mark Wilson

Awesome, very Good Speech. Thanks for share.


Great speech!
Agree, nowadays you should be innovative, though resume could actually appear to be only the second thing your employers pay attention at. So, your content speaks on your behalf.
Better your content - more chances to be picked.

Mary McNeight

This was totally brilliant. Makes me think if I ever needed a jay oh be I would know what to do.



This was a great talk for anyone attempting a job hunt or getting found in the right ways. I still do a bit too much outbound "resume" marketing, but perhaps 80% of my leads are inbound via my website and reputation. This does work and it works well. Thanks for posting the video!

David Meerman Scott

Glad that so many people have found the talk helpful. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Josh - thanks for sharing your stat. 80% is great. Yet most people focus on the 20%


Couldn't agree more, David. And in PR it's so easy because amazingly the competition is scarce. Sprinkle in some PPC and social ads and it's like lighter fluid.

Maël Roth

I couldn't agree more with this approach!

That's what I've been telling most of my friends who struggled to find a job when they got out of school.
In the end, I did some personal inbound marketing myself and today I am getting results. With just over a year experience, I've been offered several jobs, I've been interviezed online and once for the press, I've met more people in such a short period of time than in any other period of my life (of course, mostly professionnally).

So yeah, great talk, great advice!

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