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November 14, 2013


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Peter Cain

David, (big/long-time fan!)

Yeah I wondered the same when I was there quite a while back, so your post caught my eye.

I never got to the bottom of it at the time, but a quick Google search turned up this blog (http://globetrottergirls.com/2013/08/the-vintage-cars-of-uruguay/) - basically looks like that blogger was on the money...the government even officially calls it 'historic patrimony' and has a law that any car pre-1940's can't be exported without a permit (at one time Uraguay was a meca for vintage car collectors from around the world, due to their plentiful supply of yesteryear boom-time cars).

I'm a bit of a travel fanatic myself actually!..have notched up 70+ countries and still under 30, and have now turned the passion into a business selling local and roaming SIM cards to travellers with my company www.dataGO.co .. just a bit over a year old, but feeling like I am starting to get there.

Still plenty more room to apply principles from your fine work though...I actually have one of your books that survived (water damaged and dusty) on an epic trip I did from London to Mongolia back when I dreamt up the idea for the business.
Keep up the great work

David Meerman Scott

Peter, Thanks for that. I appreciate it. Yeah, it is a wide and wonderful world and so much to do and see! I'm going to Antarctica next month and that will be continent number 7.


Hey David,
Awesome post.I love to visit heritage places and also I love vintage cars.After reading your post and watching these amazing pics,I'm thinking about Colonia to visit there once :)


Cool restaurant and great name for it too. I have the goal of visiting all the national parks in the U.S. (much smaller compared to yours).

David Meerman Scott

All the national parks is an awesome goal Kim!


We face such situations not that rarely. This is a nice example of when a creative "junk" can bring success.

Thanks a lot, David!


Traveling is awesome! I've recently discovered Montenegro and it is gorgeous! Maybe one day I'll be in Uruguay too.)

Flowers To Mumbai On Christmas

its really good i am so much amused by watching these precious and unique cars i love vintage cars .amazing pics

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