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November 05, 2013


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Tony Faustino

David, totally concur. You, I, and others have invested significant time in building "relationship equity" with a number of Twitter followers. If this magical, better service comes along, what guarantee exists that our respective followings will switch over? Twitter may no longer be the same slick, hyped-up all the time, "bright and shiny object" it once was to the mainstream media. But, they've got two important things going for them: (1) When it comes to real-time capabilities, I put Twitter up against anyone. (2) In the words of your compadre, Mitch Joel, Twitter understands and continues evolving to compete in a "one-screen world."

David Meerman Scott

Tony - you argue this better than I did. I agree totally. Thanks for jumping in.


Yes, I certainly hope for the success of the current crop of social media giants.

However in 2005, we would have said, "there is only one MySpace." Twitter has been closing their system more and more to developers--the very group that helped to get them to become what they are today. I hope another Twitter comes along, one that is more open.

History might prove my hopes to be wrong. Just look at Apple in the late 90s when they finally clamped down on all the clones. A closed system sometimes helps to perhaps improve the system. However, in twitter's case, I'm not so sure that is true.

David Meerman Scott

Matt - I don't know enough about the developer aspect and Twitter closing down. Thanks for pointing that out.

But I agree that "there is only one MySpace." There still is. However, Facebook is different because Facebook required you to accept being friends with someone. That was different than MySpace's open aspect which is why FB took off in my view.

Ron Carter

David,insightful observation. I plan on investing in Twitter. Warren Buffet advocates buying stocks that are sensible buys and especially those you use.


I agree David re the future of Twitter. In my own research, (exploring social media's usefulness in generating social good), I'm sometimes asked about other, newer platforms, some of which might not even exist yet. There will always be new platforms and in respect to Twitter, potential imitators. However Twitter will always have that 'first mover advantage'. I think the future for a Twitter is exciting. I understand that research indicates that 50% of people now get their news from Twitter, and in real time, something you have previously so eloquently written about. For Twitter, developing alignments with other traditional media such as tv is an exciting prospect. Good luck with your shares purchase David.. And thanks as always for your post.


How is it a community? That word is so overused.

David Meerman Scott

Kenny - you are right that the word is overused. But there is a group of people who are plugged into one another from around the world who share on Twitter.

Colin Warwick

Thanks, David. By the way, I noticed that Google is leveraging their #1 spot in the video social networking category with a new commenting system that has bidirectional links to/from Google Plus:


If your G+ post embeds a YouTube video, your post appears in the comment stream of that video on YouTube.

If you comment on the YouTube site itself, there's now a check box that let's you cross-post on G+.

It's pretty neat.

Also, the old YouTube comments wouldn't let you put a URL into the comment, but you can with the new ones.

David Meerman Scott

Colin - I agree that is a cool development. Thanks for sharing. I've alway said that G+ is a great "back door" to getting noticed because it is a Google property.

Colin Warwick

You're welcome! Also, I just noticed the same bidirection commenting system works for Blogger blogs at Google's blogspot.com site if you enable it. Also neat, but not as momentous because Blogger is an also ran compared to WordPress et al.

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