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November 21, 2013


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Tony Faustino

David, thank you for alerting the Web Ink Now community of this latest Google News enhancement. I was completely unaware of it until reading your post. Isn't it amazing how real-time speed and reaction time are the new competitive advantage?

Size/scale has its place (as GOOG is a clear example). As, you've said it many times in your books and speeches, "the first mover who achieves critical mass wins. Good luck to the 2nd place finisher."

Same thing applies here -- you gotta be alert in your monitoring & fast to respond.

BTW, "1st!" :)

David Meerman Scott

Thank you Tony. I just happened to see it when I was on Google News this morning. Before my post, I hadn't seen anyone else talking about so...

Eric White

Interesting. I wonder how Google is picking which sites/blogs appear.


David, This is nuts! :) Thanks again for the great tip. I'm diving into Google News expandable story boxes right now.



Thanks to your post I am staying up-to-date. Google can't stop surprising us with some new stuff.

With best regards.

Jen Zeis / NEJM

Hi David,

We subscribe to your blog and were happily surprised to see you reference news coverage on the nuts study. With this study we published a short, lively "Quick Take" animation that explains the findings: http://nej.md/1aSbuY4. This animation is along the lines of the infographic you mentioned in your post.

Now if only we could gotten that Quick Take on Google News's front page! It was available on YouTube and our homepage. Any tips on getting it indexed? :)

David Meerman Scott

Jen, It is an interesting video.

But you really need to have a much more descriptive title. Also importantly, you have no description of the video! You need to have a description of it. Ideally, to get into the index for that nut story, you would cite the original study and use language from the study that Google will find. As of now there is zero that ties your video to the research.

Mary McNeight

This has nothing to do with nuts but.... its Movember! So wheres your Moustache? LOL.


As for me, I like using Google Mail. Maybe, not only me :) Your article is good. Thank you!

Jayesh Khandoor

Hey David.
Thanks a lot for that valuable piece of information. Google comes up with so many things for users, in a year’s span. It’s much challenging to keep a track on each and every update that Google fires. Even I agree with you that Google’s new rich story boxes will be the next big thing for content sharing and distribution. However can you elaborate on ways of using this feature effectively for improving SEO for a website?

Lisa Chaves

Same here. So excited to what I will share to the world!


Thank you, David! Your discoveries in the latest Google News are really helpful.

R Anderson

Hate it as currently implemented. It would be nice if it only opened when I ask for it by clicking the drop-down arrow. Instead, it pops open every time I click the main article link. It is annoying to have to close the rich-story view after every article I read.

David Meerman Scott

"R" - Interesting observation - it hadn't bothered me but I see what you mean.

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