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October 14, 2013


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You make a very good point. The problem that I have run into is that after working for 33 years for the money, and losing it all when the company went under, I find myself back working for the money. Sadly, now, the money is far less than I ever made in all those years. So, the problem is trying to find something I love that I could build into something that would sustain our family financially and do it at age 58. It all sounds really good on paper. It all sounds really good if you have the finances to fall back on. However, there is something huge that is missing from the story. Fifty years later we read about Spyder's success. How did he get there?

Passion is a fine word to toss around - everyone does it. What does it mean? How does one passion into a profit without turning passion into working for the money? What really happens in the middle between passion and passion with financial success? And, after you have worked so hard at your passion and become a success, how do you hold onto the passion?

I did this with my guitar and music thirty 5 years ago. At some point reality set in, a car accident, broken hands, bills, debt. a family in need of food clothing, a home. It's not as easy as you and other writers lead us to believe.

Please set me straight. Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me it was an act of God and that working to survive is my passion. Tell me where I went wrong and how to make it right.

I really enjoy reading your email posts. Today, you hit a very painful nerve. Thank you.

David Meerman Scott

Hi Greg,

I really like your questions. Would you be willing to put it into the blog post as a comment? I've answered below, but would love to answer for others to see on the blog.

For me, there are many elements of passion.

Where do you want to live? City? Country? Small town? East Coast? That feeds passion.

Do you want work where you can be creative and make decisions? Or do you want to take direction from someone else?

Do you like working in a team? Or not?

Do you like travel?

These are some of the things I think about when it comes to passion in work. Spyder, who I wrote about, loves to surf and he wants to live in warm places.


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