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October 29, 2013


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Louis Gudema

Very nice, but I wonder how many people misinterpret it and think he supports the ban. (When the Colbert Report first came on I saw a poll that a large number of conservatives thought he was on their side, and he was far more outlandish than this.) Satire is a subtle thing.

David Meerman Scott

Louis - Now that's interesting. I don't know. But there are 73,000 who like the video and 14,000 who don't. My guess is that Saudis understand and the conservatives in the country are giving it a thumbs down.

Joanne Tombrakos

Louis brings up a good point. Had you not presented this as a way to garner attention in support of the Women2Drive movement, my first thought would have been it supported the Saudi law.

Gayle Williams

Thanks for sharing this, David. We should all be reminded that the legal security of women's equality is far from won. Loved the video.


I have to agree with Louis since it has humor it might be lost in translation where it might even give the artist a bit of leadway when conservatives are running around and might bring repercussions to the artists way if he is in Saudi Arabia.

David Meerman Scott

So interesting that many people think the video supports the law. I never even thought of that.


If you are writing for an audience that's in a different country than your own, how do you use humor to connect with your audience without making a massive blooper and getting very wrong?

The point is illustrated perfectly in the comments above.

David Meerman Scott

Jenny, A very good question. I've presented in nearly 40 countries and many of my jokes get laughs in all of them - so some humor translates. However, not all does. I'd make sure that you have people in the local country review it first.


As I know, women are even better drivers than men, and I know lots of examples of my point. They drive more carefully, as a result - less accidents.

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