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October 02, 2013


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Raul Colon

I enjoyed the video. What surprised me was the response from her agency. Only making me wonder if it was a stunt to bring attention to both.

Well played on both sides :)

Joseph Ratliff

If I owned a company, I would do everything I could to hire her... immediately.

As much as this was a "I Quit" video... to me it was a resume for her to work in a content-based business, marketing, maybe even PR somewhere.

Any employer who thinks "What is she going to do when she doesn't want to work here any more?" needs to first do some introspection...

... and instead think "Do we have a need, and more importantly the environment, for Marina to thrive and do her thing?"


David Meerman Scott

Raul - I hadn't seen the response. Thanks for pointing us there. I gave you a shout-out in the post.

Joseph - I know, right? She would be a great team member.


Honestly, I was wondering the same thing when I saw the video: won't other employers be turned off by this? On one hand, you have a funny, viral video with a message. On the other though, you have an employee who straight called you out online to millions of viewers!

I could see why an employer would want to hire her for her virability, but don't you think all employers would be thinking about what COULD happen?

I definitely dig the video and hope people don't take any negative from it, just a thought!

David Meerman Scott

Glassduff - Having given it a little more thought, I think the fact that she worked for an agency and presumably wants to do so again, that the strategy works. However, I think it would be more difficult if she were looking for a corporate gig.


She wins, based on the fact that the agency's video was preceded by an ad. (At least when I played them.)

But also because the agency never answered the charge that they value quantity and hits over quality. I give them points for being good sports, but the fact that they didn't answer the accusation makes me think they don't have an answer.

David Meerman Scott

Rob, interesting analysis. I hadn't considered that the agency didn't address the content of Marina's video. But they certainly do deserve credit for the clever response.

Michael Kaye

Joseph and David: I am a company owner and I have been burned enough times by hiring mistakes that I would not be that quick to hire Maria. Given the evidence we have so far, I’m not comfortable deciding whether Maria is a great team player or a congenital mal-content, or whether Next Digital Media is a workers’ paradise or a digital sweat-shop.

The level of employee contentment is one of the greatest factors in determining a company’s success. Employee selection is one of the greatest factors in determining the level of employee contentment.

I try to do it the way porcupines have sex---carefully.

Changing the subject, fascinating pair of Videos. Standing alone they are both convincing.
Question: To what extent does the order in which you see them determine which one you believe?

David Meerman Scott

Michael - I'd tend to agree with you that she wouldn't be right for you based on what I know about your business. But if I were running an agency, I'd certainly want to consider her.

Interesting question on the order of the vids! It would be interesting to hear from someone who watched in the other order.


What a creative way to quit your job. She's lucky that if didn't backfire on her but it's a great way to take the biggest concern of your company(getting views) and turning it to your favor. I'd say that video was a great resume.

Joseph Ratliff

@Michael Kaye,

I totally get your wanting to proceed "carefully"... I really do, I was a hiring manager in retail way back, and was burned by some employees I hired as well.

So, and this isn't meant to be taken the wrong way, but because "carefully" is in your language here, I would guess that Marina probably wouldn't be a fit, either.

Based on the limited information I saw on her website, and this video, I'm guessing (key word: guessing) she will do best in a environment that allows "not so carefully"... not "recklessly" mind you... but expressive, risky, "real-time" etc... type of environment (with quality of content at its core).

Not saying your business doesn't have these traits, of course, because I don't know... but when I mentioned:

"... and instead think "Do we have a need, and more importantly the environment, for Marina to thrive and do her thing?"

The environment I described in this reply is what I was referring to.

But like you Michael, I would certainly interview her and do the customary due diligence. By that time though, based on my experience, she would be working for someone else (assuming she wants to get hired again).

David Meerman Scott

Michael and Joseph - Fun to have two business owners talk about this. Thanks for taking the time!

Chelly Simko

I'm SURE she will get hired somewhere but honestly... what a risky move. I wouldn't hire her. Also, I think she shot herself in the foot. She poured so much of herSELF into the company -- and it's a good company to work for -- why not give her two weeks and get a good recommendation?

Max De Benedetto

Hi David. Thanks for the post and video. This girl is a genius. Her boss should have given her a good deal of money after quitting for being so creative. And she should have been hired inmediately by another company :) Cheers!

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