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October 21, 2013


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Joseph Ratliff

But David, then marketers will miss out on the chance to create award-winning (note I didn't say "effective") campaigns they can talk about at the water cooler. /sarcasm :)

This is a creative business, marketers aren't supposed to be using those outdated concepts of facts and data to create truthful pieces. /more sarcasm

David Meerman Scott

Joseph. Ha! You're right. Gotta win those agency awards - they are good for business.

Charles Gaudet

Seems most marketers completely miss the true purpose of business - which is to deliver a greater advantage and greater benefit to their customer in order to get them closer to their ultimate result.

So - rather than focusing on "results" - all they care about is making a sale (even if it means selling their soul).

Little do they know: if you take care of your customers, they will take care of you.

John J. Wall

So dead on that it pains me to speak of it.

Bill Peck

This is a great piece I think alot of marketers ought to read. What's the use in selling something if no one is going to buy it? You're not really solving any problems at that point, only making clutter. Find out what people want, then give it to them. Thanks David - long time reader, first time comment-er!

David Meerman Scott

Charles - I think that what I reference as a marketing failure is a symptom of what you say. Most people start with "I need to sell something today" Instead they should be starting with "I need to help somebody today."

John - Sorry to pain you!

Bill - Thanks for jumping in Bill. And thanks for reading.


Nice post! I don't think any better advice has been given about leaving the office. This is so important so you don't get burnt out and become stagnant with your creativity.

Jeff Schmitt

Caught a grammatical error:

"This is just making “stuff” up (you can substitute another word in the “S...” position if you’re less polite than me)."

It should be "less polite than I am."

David Meerman Scott

Jeff - Thanks so much. I appreciate you letting me know.

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